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27-29 Oct


5 Judges

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Cool Prizes!

Hurry up and register!

Want to stand out and become a coding juggernaut?

HP IDOL OnDemand invites all Yehud-site developers to show off their famed coding skills and build something that is "out of this world."

Build something for any market, any platform, any realm! Open your mind and think WAY outside of the box, or simply demonstrate that killer app that everyone is waiting for. Go on, we dare you!

BIG rewards will be awarded to the most creative, innovative, high-value and best-use of the IDOL OnDemand API platform for big data analytics.

In this coding event users are exposed for the first time to a platform of new, cutting-edge analytical APIs, which spans the realm of unstructured data handling and machine learning algorithms.


To register:

Only HP employees can register. You register by submitting your idea. Submit your idea here.

Even you don’t have a solid idea yet – don’t worry ! put down your rough thoughts or even "WIP" and we’ll help you evolve your thoughts to a coherent offering. Adding an idea is your idea to register and get more information later on.

To add Team Members

Add team members by adding their names to your submitted idea, either in the description or the comments.
Each team can have maximum FOUR team members (the 'Idea Submitter' plus 3 other members).


Need Support - Try this …

  1. Leg-work :
    1. Either work in the hackathon rooms or hop by there to ask questions.
    2. Our rep will be there 24*7 (assuming there‘s light outside).
    3. Location: Building M3, Monday: Citrin F6 - Tuesday: Shikma F2 - Wednesday: Dugit F4
  2. Lync-work : The hackathon forum with our friendly support teams - Lync forum
  3. Be social : Go to the IDOL OnDemand Community to post your question in the Forum, read code examples in the Blog or see detailed code on the Wiki


Prizes for Winning Team and Each Winning Team Member

1st prize

Xbox one for the team.

Apple TV for each contributor in the team.

2nd prize

Go-pro camera for the team.

Chrome-cast for the contributors.

3rd prize

Nespresso machine – with coffee Kit.

Dinner voucher for the contributors – joint dinner.

The submissions with the highest innovation value will be promoted in the innovation ladder.


Each team must give a 3 minute presentation to the judges of their submission .

Raffi Margaliot

Raffi Margaliot

VP & GM, Mobile
IT Management-as-a-Service
HP Software

Fernando Lucini

Fernando Lucini

Chief Technology Officer
Big Data
HP Software

Chris Goodfellow

Sean Blanchflower

Head of R&D - Autonomy
HP Software

Erez Yaary

Erez Yaary

Senior Director
HAVEn Big Data Analytics
Chief Technologist
HP Software

Ahi Gvirtsman

Ahi Gvirtsman

Head of innovation
HP Software

Rules of Engagement

Judging Criteria

What exactly needs to be submitted?
  • Submissions must be presented to the judges in a maximum 3 minutes long presentation.
  • Presentations must include a 3 minute demo and/or a short deck.
  • Create an application home page that can be accessed on the HP network or web.
Judging Criteria
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Business Value
  • User friendliness
  • Technical Merit
  • Extra points for video recording of demo, for presentation, and optional blog post
Other important rules
  • A team can must consist of minimal 1 to maximal 4 members (the 'Idea Submitter' plus 3 other members).
  • Submissions are free to be chosen from any domain, field or industry.
  • Submissions are free to be developed for any platform – desktop, mobile, web client, server etc.
  • Submissions must use at least one API from the IDOL OnDemand API platform.
Other tips
  • Show the value and use of the submission, and what you will can in near future to enhance the app.
  • Emphasize your highlights (keep judging criteria in mind!)
  • Submissions dont have to fully work, sometimes an idea itself can be genial enough, but you will get extra points if it does.
  • You will score higher with a more complete API workflow. You are free to use APIs, web services, software libraries, data sources other than IDOL OnDemand.
  • Some parts of the application and presentation can be mocked, given the time span, but the main idea and value should be real and rely on the use of IDOL OnDemand APIs. The more code is real and working the more points you score.
  • You are allowed to use and build on existing code of products but you will be scored based on the work actually done during the hackathon.
  • The submission homepage can include a short description, and details about the value, functionality, and use. Include references to source code, working application, comments, feedback and tips related to IDOL OnDemand, and other documentation.

About our APIs

Some APIs are fun to explore and their value is obvious, like Sentiment Analysis or Entity Extraction. Others can help you solve the toughest information challenges but it takes a deeper understanding of the IDOL OnDemand API Platform as a whole.

The high value of IDOL OnDemand API platform comes from building API workflows or combinations. Index your documents, extract entities, find related concepts in search results, categorize your content, and more to build sophisticated, powerful data analytics applications.

We look to collaborate with developers like you to drive our upcoming releases and produce powerful analytics solutions using our APIs. Read full details about our growing list of APIs and start hacking.

The API categories can be divided in APIs to:
  1. Index and Connect,
  2. Analyze and Extract, and
  3. Search and Augment.


Building complex solutions starts with indexing content. An automated way to index your own custom content (as opposed to public indexes in IDOL OnDemand) is using so-called Connectors.

  • Connector APIs: Create, Read, Update, Delete a Connector, Start a Connector to run it or List its Status.


Indexing content allows you to apply the powerful data analytics APIs and build sophisticated workflows. Add user datasets, documents and index this data in your own private index.

  • Indexing APIs: Create and Delete a Text Index, Add to and Delete from Text Index, list all Indexes, or list its Status.

Format Conversion

Extract text from more than 500 file formats, including PDF, text and word processing, mail, spreadsheet, presentation, archives, graphic, CAD and other file formats. Render documents in a viewable format (e.g. convert to HTML for native browser viewing).

  • Format Conversion APIs: Expand Container to 'zip' or 'unzip' a container file, OCR Extracts text from an image, the Store Object API is useful to create references to documents or archives, Text Extraction Extracts text from a file.

Image Analysis

Analyze images using face detection and image identification. Use image to text to make text accessible and searchable or embed a barcode reader to enrich the functionality of your app.

  • Image Analysis APIs: Barcode Recognition reads 1D and 2D barcodes in an image, Face Detection detects faces and age groups in an image, Image Recognition recognizes corporate logos in an image, OCR Document extracts text from an image.

Text Analysis

Categorize, Extract, Highlight and Expand text and metadata, entities, and keywords to automatically discover, organize and classify unstructured information.

  • Text Analysis APIs: Entity Extraction extracts dozens of entities (words, phrases, or blocks of information) from text, Highlight Text highlights specified terms in text, Language Identification identifies language, Sentiment Analysis analyzes text for positive or negative sentiment, Categorize Document can enforce rules on Documents.


Search unstructured information. Return conceptually similar content from documents that match specific criteria such as keywords, text, Boolean expressions, and more.

  • Search APIs: Find Related Concepts returns the best terms and phrases in a search result, Find Similar finds documents that are conceptually similar to your input, Get Paramentric Values performs parametric or faceted search, Query Text Index searches for specified text, Boolean expressions, or fields.


Allowing you to build a highly optimized prediction model for your data. If you are interested to use Prediction in your application let us know in the your idea registration and we’ll help you on your way.


Monday, October 27, 2014

  • 9:30AM: Opening breakfast at M3 Roof

  • 10:00-11:00AM: M3 Auditorium: Event Opening Summit

  • 11:00AM: Break-out to Citrin M3-F6 (or your cube)

  • 16:00PM: Direction Ping with relevant teams @ Citrin.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

  • 9:00AM-17:00PM: Optional work & support @ Shikma M3-F0

  • 10:00-12:00AM: Business Track - with external Partners and Customers

  • 14:00-16:00PM: Business Track - with SW IL Managers and PMs @ Yotveta M1-F1

  • 16:00PM: Status Ping with relevant teams.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

  • 9:00AM-17:00PM: Optional work & support @ Dugit M3-F4

  • 9:00-10:00AM: Review of Draft Apps and Presentations @ Dugit

  • 15:00-16.00PM: Presentation to the Judges

  • 16:15-16:30PM: Judges Deliberation.

  • 16:30-17:30PM: Winners, Awards Ceremony and PARTY!


Watch our demo video of IDOL OnDemand in action!